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The RATA Comply Peer-2-Peer product is a state-of-the-art web-based tool designed to help institutions gauge how they compare and rank with their peers. Built on the same .NET technology platform as the RATA Comply Suite, Comply Peer-2-Peer offers any institution the power and flexibility needed to analyze the much anticipated and publicized pricing data as well as other prohibited-basis information to determine if disparities are present. By comparing your numbers with similar institutions, you can see if your numbers stand out in the crowd.

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Peer Analysis

With Comply Peer-2-Peer, YOU have the power! You select the Comparator institution and the Geographic Area that you would like to focus your analysis on. Once you have determined the geographic area, you can filter the LAR data, select institutions you consider to be your peers via criteria such as volume or geographic vicinity, and then run the reports. It is that easy!

The Comply Peer-2-Peer product produces many different types of reports. You can run Individual Table reports, Top Peer reports, Ranking reports, Market Share reports, Pricing reports or Spatial Assessment reports. Reports can be batched together and saved as sets, or run individually.

There is no longer any need to wonder how you compare to other institutions. With Comply Peer-2-Peer, information regarding 2006 HMDA data is available at the click of a button. Don't let Community Groups analyze your data before you.

Comply Peer-2-Peer is a cost-effective solution that runs from our server over the internet, so there is no huge database to load or programs to constantly update.

Peer Analysis Reports

The Comply Peer-2-Peer Analysis tool is the most flexible and efficient way to compare your lending patterns to that of your peers. Keep in mind that all reports are templates and you create the Geographic Service Areas, the filters, the filter tiers and you select all of the peers to compare against for each geography and filter. Below are just a small subset of the reports that you can create.


Ranking Reports

Ranking Reports

Ranking reports are divided up into two categories, Top Peer Rankings and Closest Peer Rankings.

The Top Peer Rankings will show you the Top (you chose the number) of Peers for a given GSA, Filter and Reporting Agency. While the Closest Peer Ranking will show you the institutions just above and below you in the categories you choose. Rankings can be done on Total Applications, Filtered Applications, Filtered Percentage or Market Share.

In the examples below, we are looking at the Top 30 and Closest 30 Peers to Homebanc Mortgage. We are using Florida as our Filter.

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Top Peer Summary Reports

The Top Peer Summary Reports are a great way to size up your institution to your closest 3 peers. These reports will breakup your data into every conceivable category and you control the GSA and the Filters. The Top Peer Market Share will actually compare your volume to your Top Peers, the All Selected Peers, then the entire Market!

In our examples below, we are again using Florida as our GSA and only filter. We use peers that were identified on the Closest Peer reports to identify our Top 3 Peers and All Selected Peers.

Individual Reports

Individual Reports

The Individual Reports will give you detailed lending information on any institution or Corporate Group. All of these reports are based on standard regulatory examination reports and can be run as individual, top peers combined or all selected peers combined. As with all of the other reports, you have full control over the filtering of the applications.

The reports below show the comparator institution along with each Top Peer individually. These are great sided by side comparisons. Our filters again are Florida Loans Only.

Market Share Reports

Market Share Reports

The Market Share Reports are very useful in determining how you are penetrating specific markets. With these reports, you simply specify the GSA and the Agency and the software does the rest.

The Reports below are showing Homebanc Mortgage's Market share of Originated Loans in Florida against all other HUD reporters.

Find out what Comply Peer-2-Peer can do for you!

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