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You have made a great decision by choosing the most robust and comprehensive HMDA, CRA, and Fair Lending tool on the market. The next decision is where you install and run that software in order to get the maximum benefit from it. RATA Hosted Services (RHS) is the quickest way to get your RATA Comply software up and running, ensure the software is running at its highest efficiency and you will always be running the most recent version of the software. Even better, if you experience any technical problems with the software or service, a qualified RATA technician can correct your issues in real time.

RHS utilizes Microsoft's Azure virtual platform to offer clients safety, security and the most up-to-date computer hardware available. RHS will also deal with all licensing of Windows operating systems, SQL Server and User Licenses for you. You have peace of mind because the Azure platform is FedRAMP certified which keeps your data safe and secure. RHS will also create daily backups of your system so data can never be lost.

The RATA Hosted Services are cost-effective as well, in most cases costing less than it would to maintain the software on your computers. Generally, installing and maintaining the Comply software is easy, but because of bureaucracy, limited knowledge of how the product works and just too many people involved, IT departments can struggle deciding on hardware, installing the software, testing and updating the software periodically and can spend hours trying to troubleshoot incompatibilities with internal security protocols and restrictions.  RATA can remove all of that!

With today's growing volumes of mortgage data, fair lending analysis, large consumer files, deposit data, peer data and more we are finding that institutions are having a hard time figuring out the right hardware and configurations needed to make software run optimally. Who knows the RATA Comply software better than RATA? So, the choice is pretty simple.


  • RHS complies with Azure's FedRAMP certification guidelines
  • RHS installs and configures your Comply software
  • RHS monitors the performance of the software and database
  • RHS performs all software updates and patches
  • RHS can troubleshoot both software and environment issues quickly
  • RHS environment can easily meet existing and future needs
  • RHS can run on any operating system including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook and even Web Browsers
  • You are able to use the RATA software optimally


  • You didn't do it sooner

More information on FedRAMP:

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