Comply 19.02 is now available

Added on December 6, 2019

As you have probably seen, we released Comply 19 last week and many clients have already downloaded the update. We release the "submission" version around this time each year because some clients have freezes of software installations. As with any major upgrade, there will always be a punch list of minor issues that need to be tweaked after it is released. We have now released version 19.02 which mainly contains a fix for the HMDA Agency LAR export (text qualifiers were removed as they were causing an issue when using that file to upload to the beta platform). So far nothing critical has been found but a few little things to note are listed below. We will be adding to this list if we discover new things. We will add Updated and a date to the title if we add or change content. Important…

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Performance Evaluation data released for HMDA Only for CRA PE Tables

Added on December 5, 2019

Historically, RATA has released the PE Aggregate and Market data days after both have been released. The HMDA data was available a few months ago, so we have been waiting for the CRA data to create the tables and release the data. In past years, August has been the release month for CRA "Peer" data from the FFIEC, although in the last couple years, there have been later releases in November 2017 and October 2018. We have now surpassed those later release dates as well, with no indication as to when the data for the 2018 report year will be available. We have contacted the FFIEC on three occasions to inquire about the release schedule. Initially we were told the release would occur in the Fall, the second follow-up we were told the release would be mid-November, and now the third inquiry…

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RATA ZOOM Geocoder Changes

Added on December 3, 2019

The RATA ZOOM Geocoder has been a huge help to RATA customers trying to obtain the correct geocodes or trying verify hard-to-geocode addresses. When originally programmed, we were able to take advantage of cutting-edge technology that was provided by Google. One of those tools was called Google Fusion Tables which are used for generating and visualizing the Census Tracts and ZIP Code layers on top of the map. The Fusion Tables help store large amounts of data that could be accessed on the fly with Google Maps. Unfortunately, as of today (December 3, 2019), Google has officially discontinued and shut down the Fusion Tables tool. This has led us to develop a different methodology for layering the Census Tract boundaries and labels so that we could maintain the same functionality and…

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Comply 19 Has Been Released - November 15, 2019

Added on November 15, 2019

We are happy to announce that Comply 19 is now available on our support site for download. This version of Comply contains all of the latest edit changes needed to submit your 2019 HMDA and CRA data. It also contains the new 2020 reporting year so you can start to collect and prepare for the 2020 submissions as well. For the RATA customers that did more than 60,000 applications this year and have quarterly submission requirements, you will be happy to know that the Comply system is ready for that task as well. The article below has more details regarding some of the other more notable changes in this version. A document listing all of the changes for this version will be released and put in the Comply Resource tab over the next day or two. Please feel free to download and install the…

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2018 Peer Data (Classic format) Is Ready for Download from Support Site

Added on September 6, 2019

The much anticipated 2018 HMDA Peer data was finally released by the CFPB last Friday. We have finished converting the data and retro-fitting it back to the older peer format which should satisfy 98% of your Peer Analysis needs. We would have had it done yesterday, but there was a pesky storm named Dorian knocking on our door earlier this week. Anyway, you can download the peer data file (PEERHMDA18.RZ) to be used in Comply from our support site ( Once downloaded you can import the data into Comply using the Import System Data option on the Data Manager ribbon. Once the data is imported, if you want to use it in DataMine you will need to Sync Data before running any Excel Pivot tables. You will also want to create new Peer groups and possibly Peer Reporting…

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