Update: RATA's Implementation of the new 1071 Small Business Lending Regulation

Added on September 12, 2023

As announced previously, RATA is in the process of adding a new component to Comply 23 for Small Business Lending (SBL 1071). The SBL component will be very similar to the current HMDA/CRA components, as you can see from the screenshots below, and will be made available to all RATA customers to explore and test at no charge through June 2024. It will be released in phases to allow reasonable development and quality assurance time for our staff, as well as allow customers to begin testing, when they are ready. The Fall release will contain the basics for importing, data processing, and phase 1 of the edit checks. The edit checks are constantly evolving and usually change up until submission time. Everything but the actual submission should be contained in our Fall release. Submission…

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2022 HMDA Peer Data Official Release is Available

Added on July 6, 2023

The CFPB has released the official 2022 national HMDA peer data as of June 29. RATA downloaded the data and quickly formatted it for use in the Comply software, making sure to match all Institution IDs with the preliminary data that was released on July 6. By ensuring that the Institution IDs align with one another between these sets of data, all Peer Institution Groups created with the preliminary data will continue to work the same as before. It is the CFPB's intent to potentially release updates to the 2022 HMDA data based upon re-submissions, late submissions etc. and we intend to review the extent of any changes periodically to see if updates are warranted. To download the data for use in Comply, simply log in to the support site ( and go to Comply…

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Comply 22.1 Update is now Available

Added on May 24, 2023

Since the release of Comply 22.0 in mid-November of last year, our team has been actively making changes and adding features to improve your Comply experience. This version brings those changes to your system, which include: Regression in Fair Lending now includes the ability to perform Marginal Effects testing Auto-Update has been rewritten as a RESTful service, replacing the SOAP web service calls. It now uses port 5420 and the new URL is CRA MicroData Exports now include the option to specify another type of field header in place of the transmittal record Dashboard controls can now perform Means and other aggregate functions For more details and a complete list of changes, please see the changes document, located on the Start Page under…

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RATA Response to CFPB RE: HMDA Data Outreach: Review Data for Invalid Entries in the Street Address Field

Added on May 3, 2023

Update 5/9/2023: Just wanted to follow up with all of you as we learn more about the address quality letter. RATA has not gotten a response to our letter yet, but one of our clients submitted a letter on their own and I think the response is worth sharing and will make many of you feel better. See below. Question from RATA Client: The email "HMDA Data Outreach: Review Data for Invalid Entries in the Street Address Field" leads me to believe that additional address components or special characters should not be included in the street address field. If that is true, LARS for years 2020 – 2022 that were submitted on time, that contain these address components such as a comma, dash, period, etc. in the street address field; if the geocoding is correct (can be proven) will a financial…

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HMDA Data Outreach: Review Data for Invalid Entries in the Street Address Field

Added on April 17, 2023

Update 4/18/2023 A customer reached out to the CFPB HMDA Help and received the following reply: Hello, Thank you for reaching out for clarification! This email went out to several financial institutions that had data flagged when we ran an analysis on the Street Address field. The brief that was attached to the original email describes the types of issues that were discovered. Please use the examples of errors in the brief to review your data and resubmit if needed. We are unable to support an individual file review. Note that there is a chance that the analysis may have flagged data that is accurate resulting in false positives. If you have reviewed your data and found it to be accurate, no action is needed. Thank you, CFPB HMDA   This definition is a short-term solution to help…

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