Live Training

In-Person/On-Site Live Training

With the release of the Comply products, we felt that it was important to give customers some personal, hands-on and cost-effective options to get trained on the Comply software. In addition to our Free online video training, we are now offering "Live" training for anyone who wants to learn how to maximize the use of our Comply software. You can train in the comfort of your own office via GoToMeeting, saving the expense of travel; or you could choose to have in-person training either here at RATA or at your institution.

Before scheduling a training session, we ask that you and your staff first completely review the Free online training videos and Comply documentation. These training videos and documentation are very complete and in most cases eliminate the need for Live Training. There is also a complete User Guide within the Comply software itself that you can refer to for specific questions. If however you feel that you need training in addition to the above, then we encourage you to contact us and schedule a training session with a RATA personnel.


GoToMeeting Web Hosted Training online with a trainer

An hourly fee is applicable. 1 hour minimum. No restrictions on number of attendees from your institution.


In-Person/On-Site Training: Either at your location or ours

The cost is per person, per topic. Each topic HMDA, CRA, Fair Lending and Regression Analysis is 4 hours, unless you want 8 hours and then we will do our best to work all 3 topics into an 8 hour day. The Customer will be responsible for all travel related expenses in conjunction with Training whether the training is held at your site or ours.


For more information and pricing please call Angela at 407-831-7282 or email als[at]rataassociates[dot]com.