The Management Team

John WoloshenJohn Woloshen

RATA Associates founder and Chief Executive Officer

John Woloshen is highly experienced in HMDA/CRA compliance, banking software and software development in general. His success has been achieved through applied creativity, hard work, attention to detail and an uncompromised insistence on doing the job right. John's dedication to quality has resulted in a consistently high level of customer satisfaction with all of RATA's products and services. Before founding RATA Associates, John held executive positions with The Bendix Corporation and American Management Systems.

Angela Strater

VP / Executive Administrator

Angela Strater attended college in MN for Accounting, and came to RATA in November 1998 with an extensive background in Accounting, Customer Service and Human Resources. She has since completed courses in Business Management. Angela currently handles most aspects of RATA's Financials/Accounting, Human Resources, Sales, Contract Negotiations, Procurement, Building Maintenance and more. Angela is also heavily involved with Customer Service, HMDA LAR processing, Technical Support and Software QA testing.

David Phillips

Senior Geographic Information Systems and Project Manager

David Phillips joined the RATA Team as a programmer in January of 1994. His work on the HMDA-90 DOS software was influential in moving the product forward. He was and is responsible for implementing new features and updating the software to keep pace with the many regulatory changes in HMDA and CRA. His expertise was also instrumental in the development of the RATA internal geocoding systems. He continually refines the methodologies and systems to improve the RATA Geocoding process. David's expertise in HMDA/CRA compliance and Geographic Information makes him an invaluable member of the RATA Team. David is currently RATA's Senior Geographic Information Systems and Project Manager; overseeing the Geocoding Department and RATA's expanding network and servers.

The Software Development Team

To meet the software needs of the mortgage and banking industry, RATA Associates has assembled a team of experienced and professional software engineers, software designers, and analysts. With the core programming team having over 90 years of combined experience, one of RATA's strengths lies in the varied background of the team members. From enterprise-level solutions for the banking, healthcare, and defense industries to small office IT systems integration, RATA's software development team has the background to solve problems of any scale.

RATA develops multi-tiered applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework and the C# programming language. The team, however, has experience in a myriad of programming languages such as BASIC, Visual Basic, C, C++, COBOL, Java, and many others.


The Geocoding Team

RATA's Geocoding Team marshals a wealth of resources, skills and experience to successfully solve all of our customers' geocoding needs. The Geocoding Team boasts more than 65 years of work experience in such diverse occupations as CRA/HMDA compliance, retail banking, systems development, programming, data processing, geographic analysis, marketing research, product marketing and manufacturing operations. Our managers have been employed by or have worked for companies providing products and services to our nation's leading businesses.

And when it comes to geocoding, you won't find a more experienced team anywhere. Over the last five years, RATA has geocoded 32+ million addresses for CRA and HMDA compliance purposes. This volume equates to more than a 20% share of the reported regulatory volume of all lenders combined during the corresponding time period. You won't find another geocoding service provider that annually processes more records or does it faster, more accurately and more cost-effectively than RATA.