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The HMDA/CRA/SBL component of the RATA Comply Suite has all of RATA Associates' 37 years of compliance and data processing knowledge built into it. All of the features and functionality needed to Import, Data-Entry, Edit Check, Geocode, Submit and Analyze are built in to this amazing software package.

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RATA Associates has been in the HMDA/CRA/SBL arena for over 37 years. During that time we have helped hundreds of institutions successfully submit millions of applications for Regulation C (HMDA), Regulation BB (CRA) and Small Business Lending (SBL 1071).


The HMDA/CRA/SBL component of the RATA Comply Suite is our latest software offering and has all of RATA's compliance and data processing knowledge built into it. All of the features and functionality needed to Import, Edit Check, Geocode, Submit and Analyze are built in to this amazing software package.

All of the components of the RATA Comply Suite are built on the latest Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology platforms. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, RATA Associates offers an Enterprise-level solution at a cost-effective price. Combining this technology with RATA's experience and expertise makes the RATA Comply Suite the unrivaled leader in the HMDA/CRA/SBL arena.


In the end it all comes down to support and no one offers more personal and professional support than RATA Associates. When you call for support during business hours you will always talk to a person, not some menu system, and that person will be able to direct your call to the appropriate party. Most support issues are handled immediately, but all issues are handled as quickly as possible.

The RATA Comply Suite can be up-and-running at your institution in a day. RATA Associates will walk you and your IT department through the implementation process, help you set up Import Definitions to match your existing data extracts, convert all of your historical data to the Comply format and get you up-and-running. It really is that easy and RATA will do most of the work for you!


Import Wizard


Importing HMDA, CRA or SBL data with Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL could not be easier. Simply create a standard ASCII export file from your origination system. Then use the Import Wizard to set up an Import Definition in Comply to map the data to the appropriate fields in Comply. If you need to, you can also set up data conversions right in the Import Definition using standard SQL language. You can import full files, partial updates, single field updates and much more.

Edit Check Wizard

Edit Checking

The Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL components contain all of the FFIEC Edit Checks so that you can run them at anytime and clean up your data. Once the Edit Check reports show no edits, you are ready to submit a 100% edit-free submission to the government. The system will perform both Validity and Quality Edit Checks. Validity Edits must be corrected before submission. The Quality Edits are tolerance tests and the data may or may not be correct. Comply gives you the ability to mark Quality Edits as QC Verified so that you don't keep seeing the errors over and over!

Rate Spread Calculation Wizard

Calculate Rate Spreads

The RATA Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL system has the functionality to compute rate spreads for HMDA applications. Comply will choose utilize either the old "Treasury Securities of Comparable Maturity" method or the revised "Average Prime Offer Rates" method dependent on the applications characteristics. Rate Tables distributed by the FFIEC are automatically updated in Comply on a weekly basis, so when you run Rate Spread calculations, you are always using the most up-to-date tables available.

Geocode Export Wizard


RATA's Compliance-grade Geocoding services are built right in to Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL. You can access them through a simple batch process that will go through your data to determine which records need geocoding or you can geocode records one address at a time using our Single Application geocoder. Regardless of which method or combination you choose to use, all addresses are processed and geocoded on the RATA Geocoding Server. This allows RATA to fully process your geocodes, maintain the geocoders and data sources for you and return an instantaneous response as though the geocoding data was on your own computer. It is the best of all geocoding worlds!

Data: Application View

Data: Application View

When viewing and editing data in Comply you have two basic views: the Application View which shows all information for one record at a time, and the List view which shows you the data in an Excel type of data grid.

The Application View is a great way to see all of the pertinent data for a single application on one screen. Because of the number of fields, the application data is broken up into tabs to group information. You can view LAR data, Geocode data, User Field data, and a multitude of Fair Lending tabs of data.

Data: List View

Data: List View

The List View offers you the opportunity to look at multiple applications at the same time. This is great for spotting trends or looking for multiple problems. With the List View, you can set up custom List View Definitions that will rearrange fields, hide fields and format fields for easy viewing. Once Views are defined, you simply select the view and you will only see the applicable fields! Some examples could be to show only fields related to address and geocodes, Rate Spread fields, LAR-only fields, etc.

Filter Wizard


With the Comply Suite in general, you can filter your data down to whatever you need. You can run field filters, demographic filters, geographic filters or any combination thereof. Filters can be created through Wizards or through scripts for advanced users. You can also click on the Field Properties option that will show you how many records of each type are in a particular field. Then click on one of those options to go to that group of records! For example, you click on the Field Properties for Loan Type and the system displays how many applications you have for each loan type. Then if you want to view the Conventional Loans, just click on the link. It's that simple!

Multi-Tier Sort


In addition to extensive Filter capabilities, Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL also has extensive Sorting capabilities. Sorting is typically more noticeable in the List View but works in either. You can sort on any field in Comply by simply clicking on the header of that column in the List View. You can also create multi-tier sorts by clicking on the Sort Icon then selecting the fields you want to sort by, similar to the way Excel does it.

Global Operation Wizard

Global Operations

Need to make Global changes or deletes to your file? No problem. In Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL you can grant Users the rights and privileges to perform global operations on the data. Simply filter down to the subset of records you want to modify and then make the change. This is a very powerful action and should only be activated for trusted users. One nice additional feature about Comply is that it has an Event History and the product Administrator can see what changes users have made and when!

Pre-Submission Check


Once all of your HMDA and/or CRA data has been collected, corrected and geocoded, the Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL software will walk you through creating the electronic submission file. Again a Wizard will walk you through the process. The Submission Sentry will analyze your data to make sure it is edit free and fully geocoded. The system will then create the submission file in the CFPB specified format, with all of the required data points, so that you can easily upload the submission file to the government.

Report Wizard


In addition to helping you collect and process your data, Comply HMDA/CRA/SBL also lets you Analyze your data. You can prepare Disclosure Tables, Performance reports, Assessment Areas Reports, Trend Analysis, Official Reports and much more.

Report Wizard: Chart Type

Custom Tables and Charts

If the multitude of reports in the Report Manager are not what you are looking for, then you can use the Custom Tables and Charts option to design your own custom reports. You can create up to two tiers on both the X and Y axes of LAR, Geographic or Demographic fields. You can also create Custom Tables for analyzing the demographic profile of your Assessment Area(s)!


Mapping (Optional)

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and mapping can be that picture! With our optional mapping component you can map your Assessment Areas, shade the tracts by demographic characteristics, overlay Branches, ATM's, deposits and loan information as layers to show how well you are serving the needs of your different communities and neighborhoods.


Auto-Pilot (Optional)

Because many of the processes associated with HMDA and/or CRA need to be done monthly or quarterly depending on your Regulatory Agency or your volume of data, many of our clients requested a way to automate the process. We are pleased to announce the availability of the Comply Auto-Pilot. With the Auto-Pilot, anything you can do in Comply manually you can now make automated by setting up a script of the actions and then scheduling when you want the script to run! Sound complicated? Well it isn't. As usual a Wizard walks you through the steps of setting up the script. Once complete, you can use previous scripts as templates to create new scripts. It's like having another compliance assistant in the office, but this assistant does not take breaks or sleep!

General Features

Start Page

Start Page

When you log into RATA Comply you will automatically be taken to the Start Page. The Start Page contains Current News, Spotlight Features, Resources and Recently Applied Files. The Start Page is updated via an RSS Feed, so you are always informed and up-to-date on RATA activities!

Multiple Tabs and Views

Multiple Tabs and Views

One of Comply's most unique features is the multi-tab functionality. You can have multiple views of data, reports, maps and much more all open at the same time. Each Tab contains its own history and all are context sensitive. You can close individual tabs or close tabs by type.



One of Comply's most powerful features is the ability to make the Geocoding and system data updates seamless and effortless for the user. With Comply the Auto-Update process will automatically transfer Geocode files to and from our server so that you don't have to manually upload and download the files. For institutions that may have firewall issues or restrictions, this process can still be done manually. System Data such as Treasury Rate Tables, Demographic Data updates, etc. are also automatically pulled to your system and a user can simply click 'Update' to update the system data.

Definition and Report Manager

Definition and Report Manager

The Definition Manager and Report Manager in Comply is a powerful and easy way to manage your definitions and reports. The Comply managers will allow you to create, edit, categorize, move and assign definitions and reports in a consistent and easy way.

Duplicate Record Handling

Duplicate Record Handling

Handling Duplicate Applications is a task that must be handled somewhere. There are advantages and disadvantages to the different methodologies, but Comply can handle all scenarios. You can identify Duplicate Applications based on the standard which is Application Number and resolve all of the dupes in either a one by one mode or a batch mode if applicable. To take it one step further you can search for dupes on any field. If you want to identify applications with the same address, simply run the Dupe Check utility on the Address Field and Comply will show only records with the same address in multiple records!

Centralized Data Access

Centralized Data Access

With the Comply system, individual components (HMDA, CRA, SBL and Fair Lending) are centrally located in the Data Manager allowing seamless access to all data stored in the Comply Database. In addition to standard features available to all components, Comply also makes available certain component specific features based upon your selection in the Date Manager.

User Access, Rights and Privileges

User Access, Rights and Privileges

With all of the components being accessed from one icon, there became a need to enhance the User Rights and Privileges within the system. Now with User Access, you can define User Groups for each component and assign access rights for each component. When creating custom User Groups you will have full access to customize permissions any way you like. Comply also supports Windows Authentication for automatic sign in.

System Requirements

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