Overview RATA Associates has been in the HMDA/CRA arena for over 25 years.  During that time we have helped hundreds of institutions successfully submit millions of applications for Regulation C (HMDA) and Regulation BB (CRA).

The HMDA/CRA component of the RATA Comply Suite is our latest software offering and has all of RATA’s compliance and data processing knowledge built into it.  All of the features and functionality needed to Import, Edit Check, Geocode, Submit and Analyze are built in to this amazing software package.

The Comply HMDA/CRA software is robust and full-featured, yet it is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.  Comply was designed to utilize all standard Windows practices.  The Comply Suite has been modeled after Microsoft Office so if you can use Microsoft Word, Excel and/or Explorer, you will be able to use RATA Comply with little to no training.  In addition to standard menus, icons and right-click functionality, helpful Wizards walk you through each process to ensure the proper result!

All of the components of the RATA Comply Suite are built on the latest Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technology platforms.  By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, RATA Associates offers an Enterprise-level solution at a cost-effective price.  Combining this technology with RATA’s experience and expertise makes the RATA Comply Suite the unrivaled leader in the HMDA/CRA arena.

In the end it all comes down to support and no one offers more personal and professional support than RATA Associates.  When you call for support during business hours you will always talk to a person, not some menu system, and that person will be able to direct your call to the appropriate party.  Most support issues are handled immediately, but all issues are handled as quickly as possible.

The RATA Comply Suite can be up-and-running at your institution in a day.  RATA Associates will walk you and your IT department through the implementation process, help you set up Import Definitions to match your existing data extracts, convert all of your historical data to the Comply format and get you up-and-running.  It really is that easy and RATA will do most of the work for you!