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Peer Analysis service customized for you

Peer Analysis

The RATA Comply Peer-2-Peer product is a state-of-the-art web-based tool designed to help institutions gauge how they compare and rank with their peers. Built on the same .NET technology platform as the RATA Comply Suite, Comply Peer-2-Peer offers any institution the power and flexibility needed to analyze the much anticipated and publicized pricing data as well as other prohibited-basis information to determine if disparities are present. By comparing your numbers with similar institutions, you can see if your numbers stand out in the crowd.

With Comply Peer-2-Peer, YOU have the power! You select the Comparator institution and the Geographic Area that you would like to focus your analysis on. Once you have determined the geographic area, you can filter the LAR data, select institutions you consider to be your peers via criteria such as volume or geographic vicinity, and then run the reports. It is that easy!

Peer Analysis Features and Reports:

  • Ranking Reports
  • Top Peer Summary Reports
  • Individual Reports
  • Market Share Reports
  • and Many More!

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What our clients say...

Would highly recommend both the product and the personnel!! Being able to accomplish what I did in such a short period of time is a testimonial to the product's user friendliness as well as the support I received from the great folks at RATA. Could not have done it without them!!!

Judy A. Edwards<br>Greer State Bank | Logo GreerStateBank
Judy A. Edwards
Greer State Bank

RATA Associates is one of the greatest companies I've known. It's been a pleasure adding my 2 cents to RATA Comply improvements (Fair Lending with Advanced Analysis/Regression option) that benefit everyone and help many companies in the mortgage industry to stay compliant.

Leo Batura<br>Pacific Union Financial LLC | Logo PacificUnionFinancial
Leo Batura
Pacific Union Financial LLC

The support has been exceptional. The program is very easy to use. RATA has been one of the best companies I have dealt with in my 25 years of banking. Their service has exceeded my expectations.

Mark Mitchell<br>Panhandle State Bank | Logo PanhandleStateBank
Mark Mitchell
Panhandle State Bank