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Added on December 3, 2019

The RATA ZOOM Geocoder has been a huge help to RATA customers trying to obtain the correct geocodes or trying verify hard-to-geocode addresses. When originally programmed, we were able to take advantage of cutting-edge technology that was provided by Google. One of those tools was called Google Fusion Tables which are used for generating and visualizing the Census Tracts and ZIP Code layers on top of the map. The Fusion Tables help store large amounts of data that could be accessed on the fly with Google Maps.

Unfortunately, as of today (December 3, 2019), Google has officially discontinued and shut down the Fusion Tables tool. This has led us to develop a different methodology for layering the Census Tract boundaries and labels so that we could maintain the same functionality and visualization as you're accustomed to using and seeing within ZOOM. However, since this is a completely different method of generating the layers, it will take us a little time to get everything worked out. To avoid extended loading times, we were forced to temporarily limit the amount of coverage on the map to a 30-mile radius from the center of the map. This should not affect 95% or more of your ZOOM searches. If it does prevent you from selecting a particular Census Tract value, call us and we can walk you through a work-around. We are already working on several methods to address this current limitation. By the end of the week we'll be adding options to allow you to manually extend the coverage area. Over time, we'll continue updating ZOOM in order to improve performance and functionality.

We believe that the product should work 98% the same as it did previously and we are working to quickly iron out any kinks. If you run into a problem or a situation with ZOOM please contact Pablo at ASAP and he will get you going again. You can also contact your usual RATA support person and they can forward the issue to him.

Thanks and happy continued ZOOMIng!



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