RATA Support Hours and 2020 HMDA/CRA Submissions Information

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Added on February 26, 2021

Hope all is going well with your HMDA and/or CRA submission(s). You have until end of day Monday, March 1st to get your files submitted and be considered "on time". If you are still processing your file or just starting, you are really pushing it to the edge. We have been eagerly awaiting your call and most likely have already attempted to contact you to see if we can help. So, if you are looking for help we have some good news and some bad news for you.

First the bad news - RATA Associates is not doing "official" support over the weekend. There just hasn't been the need or demand for it this year. But, we will point you to some reference materials below that should answer most of your questions.

The good news - We still have all day Monday to help you with any problems or last-minute things you need to do. If you have an issue, feel free to call and leave a VM at 407-831-7282 or send an Email to so that we are at least aware that you will need some help. The more info you can provide the better! Then contact us at your earliest availability Monday. In addition, we will be processing all geocode files through the weekend, so if you have records that need geocoded, feel free to export them over the weekend and you will receive the results just as you normally would.

The main thing is to just not panic. We have done this for over 30 years now and so far no one has ever failed. Hopefully you are not so far behind that you will be the first, and the probabilities are in your favor that you won't be.

Reference Materials:

Under the Resources section of the Start Page, you will find the 2020 Year Processing Guides for both HMDA and CRA. These are excellent step by step guides, each complete with a checklist of what to do.

There is also a Getting Started with Comply document that goes into even more detail on setting up and using Comply.

And finally under Resources are the Training Videos. There are quite a few short videos to explain the basics processes and should answer most of your questions.

Hope that helps, and we'll talk to you on Monday.





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