RATA Releases FFIEC 2022 Demographics Phases 1 and 2

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Added on April 26, 2022

As mentioned in previous articles, this year's release of the 2022 FFIEC demographic data is being released in phases because it is the first year of the 2020 Census data. On March 18th, the FFIEC released an article outlining the timeframe for the 2022 Demographic Data release (FFIEC Releases Timeline for 2022 Census and Demographic Data). On March 30th, the first phase of this data was released, relating to population counts derived from the ACS 5-Year Survey (2016-2020). Unfortunately, that release did not contain enough data to make it worth converting and releasing.

That data contained the following fields:

  • Small County Indicator
  • Population (Total)
  • Population (Minority)
  • Minority Population (Percent)
  • Population (Hispanic)
  • Population (Non-Hispanic)
  • Population (White)
  • Population (Black)
  • Population (Native American)
  • Population (Asian)
  • Population (Hawaiian)
  • Population (Other)
  • Population (Two or More Races)
  • Population (Exactly Two Races)
  • Population (White/Black)
  • Population (White/Native American)
  • Population (White/Asian)
  • Population (White/Hawaiian)
  • Population (White/Other)
  • Population (Black/Native American)

On April 21st, the FFIEC released the second dataset, which included the census tract income categories. This release utilizes information provided in the 2016-2020 ACS 5-year data release. This data, combined with the first set of data and a few calculated fields, will give RATA users the main demographics needed to run 90% of the standard reports in Comply. This data has been compiled and is being released to all customers via auto-updates and the RATA support site. While this data represents the "primary" fields, including those that populate the principal rows of most reports in the system, there is a large amount of data that is still missing.

The fields in this release are all of the fields above and these:

  • MFI (Decennial MSA/MD)
  • MFI (Decennial Census Tract)
  • Census Tract MFI (Percent)
  • Census Tract Income Indicator

In addition to the fields provided by the FFIEC in the releases mentioned, two additional fields have been populated by RATA as follows:

  • Est MSA/MD MFI (the 2021 value has been carried forward)
  • Substantial Minority Tract (set to True if the Minority Population (Percent) exceeds 50%)

RATA will work to get a full dataset out in the Fall as quickly as possible once the data is released. This data will include updated Business/Farm demographics, demographics needed for updated BISG processing, and other incidental fields. If you require the Business/Farm demographics or BISG-related demographics, you may want to wait to update in the Fall when the full dataset becomes available. You also have the option of reverting back to the current demographics if absolutely necessary. A RATA support person will be able to assist if this is needed.





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