Performance Evaluation data released for HMDA Only for CRA PE Tables

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Added on December 5, 2019

Historically, RATA has released the PE Aggregate and Market data days after both have been released. The HMDA data was available a few months ago, so we have been waiting for the CRA data to create the tables and release the data.

In past years, August has been the release month for CRA "Peer" data from the FFIEC, although in the last couple years, there have been later releases in November 2017 and October 2018. We have now surpassed those later release dates as well, with no indication as to when the data for the 2018 report year will be available. We have contacted the FFIEC on three occasions to inquire about the release schedule. Initially we were told the release would occur in the Fall, the second follow-up we were told the release would be mid-November, and now the third inquiry has gone unanswered for the past couple of weeks.

Rather than continue delay the use of the HMDA data while we await the CRA data release, we have devised a means to release the PE data that will work with Comply and provide the Aggregate and Market Share numbers for the HMDA PE tables with the CRA counterparts showing 0's for the data. Once the FFIEC finally releases the CRA data, we will update the PE data to properly populate the CRA numbers accordingly.

The data should download via auto-updates if you have that setting checked in your system options.  If not you can go to the support site and download the data, then use the Import System Data option to load it to the Comply system.



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