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Added on May 27, 2021

Since the release of Comply 20.01 in early December of last year, our team has been actively making changes and adding features to improve your Comply experience. This version brings those changes to your system once the update is applied, including: a resolution for the beeping sound some users experienced when Auto Update auto apply was enabled; the addition of QCOK reports to the CRA component; additional selections in the edit check wizard; the removal of automatic rounding for Income in CRA and HMDA; a function to identify jumbo mortgages – and many more.

For more details and a complete list of changes, please see our newly-formatted changes document, located on the Start Page under Resources (also available on the support site). This new format describes the changes in more detail than our summary documents for prior releases.

In conjunction with the Comply 20.1 update, we have released a full update to the Comply mapping data. This data incorporates updates to all layers of the TIGER/Line 2019 data released in 2020. In addition to updating existing layers, we have added several new landmark layers to the mapping component including Cemeteries, Colleges, Ferries, Hospitals, Post Offices and Public Schools. It is not required that the mapping data be updated; Comply will continue to function with the old data. However, we highly recommend that you take the time to update to the latest version of mapping at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.





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