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Added on December 6, 2019

As you have probably seen, we released Comply 19 last week and many clients have already downloaded the update. We release the "submission" version around this time each year because some clients have freezes of software installations. As with any major upgrade, there will always be a punch list of minor issues that need to be tweaked after it is released. We have now released version 19.02 which mainly contains a fix for the HMDA Agency LAR export (text qualifiers were removed as they were causing an issue when using that file to upload to the beta platform). So far nothing critical has been found but a few little things to note are listed below. We will be adding to this list if we discover new things. We will add Updated and a date to the title if we add or change content.

Important Notes:

  1. ** Before updating, you may want to delete any Peer HMDA data in your system. This update will change the architecture of the Peer HMDA tables, and if you currently have many years of Peer HMDA in your system, this could take a fairly long time. About 95% of the way through the update it will remain on updating AS124_09138.sql while performing this process. This can also take up a lot of disk space temporarily (10-20 GB per year of Peer HMDA data) until the update is finished. Rather than stall the update, it is recommended to delete the HMDA Peer data in the system then import the new version of the data. We suggest that you only load the years you are actively working with because of the size of this data.

    To delete the Peer HMDA data from Comply:

    • Go to the System ribbon in Comply
    • Click the System Maintenance button
    • Click the Maintain Years button
    • Right-click on a year that shows data for Peer HMDA and select 'Delete Peer HMDA Data Year'
    • This will only delete the peer data, it will not delete the reporting year or any application data
    • Once you are finished deleting the Peer HMDA data, close Comply and run the update

    To load the new Peer HMDA data into Comply:

    • Log on to our support site (
    • Click 'Comply Downloads > Peer Data' on the left-hand side
    • Download and save the years of peer data you need from the section for Comply 19.0 and up
    • In Comply, on the Home ribbon, click the 'Import System Data' button
    • Go through the wizard to import the applicable years of peer data
  2. Please share this note with you IT team to review before installing. If they get this error, they will know what to do.  

    When trying to install or update Comply, some customers have been getting a message "Error opening data source". This can be caused by a missing or corrupted installation of SQL Server Native Client on the user's machine. Prior to Comply v18.2, the Comply installation would use the operating system's version of OLE DB to connect to the database. However, Microsoft has deprecated these database drivers, which don't support later versions of TLS. With most customers disabling TLS 1.0, starting with v18.2 of Comply, the installation was updated to rely on a different database driver. Since these database drivers are no longer part of the operating system, Comply installs will install the SQL Server Native Client files when they are not present on a user's machine. However, there have been a few cases where the user's system says that SQL Server Native Client exists on the machine but the files are not present or not registered properly. Because the Comply installs rely on a properly configured SQL Server Native Client, customers will need to uninstall and reinstall that before re-running the Comply install. The install file (sqlncli.msi) is very small (only 3MB) and can be found on the RATA support site, as well as on the Microsoft site here:  us/download/details.aspx?id=50402.
  3. 2018 Expanded Peer Data for Datamine – If you are analyzing 2018 peer data and want to look at the additional 2018 fields in Datamine, you will need to do the following. Once you install Comply 19 make sure you download and load the 19.0 version of the 2018 peer data. When the peer data was originally released we created a "classic" version of the data so that you could do your standard analysis. With Comply 19 we have added the new fields that would be useful to customers and created an expanded peer data file. So if you would like to use the new peer fields in DataMine or with Comply Peer Reporting Entities you will have to download the Comply 19 version of the 2018 Peer Data and import it. Once loaded, you will need to perform a full Deploy to your SSAS DataMine server before you can begin using the new 2018 HMDA fields in your DataMine system.

Comply Release Bugs:

  1. Agency LAR Export –Creating a Public or Agency LAR export from Comply 19.0 gives an error. Although this was QA tested in earlier iterations, when we made the changes for the Quarterly Submission functionality, a parameter needed to be added here as well. We have a work around for this situation if you need to export your LAR, and it is fixed in 19.01.
  2. Q616.1 – The Q616.1 edit has been an ongoing issue. At one point the CFPB portal was performing the edit differently than Comply, we changed Comply to match the portal, only to have the CFPB change their portal again after Comply was released. We have since reverted those changes back to what we had initially, which is causing a number of quality edits to appear that did not exist in the Comply 18 version. Bottom line, the quality edit is written wrong in the FIG, we have opted to err on the side of flagging the edit rather than hiding the edit in this version. We have a test file of 30 permutations that we would like a customer to test on the portal to see how the CFPB is actually flagging the edits. If you would like to help us test this file please email and she will put you in contact with our contact. We are hoping to have this edit matching the portal for the 19.01 release, but in the end this is only a quality edit so it has nothing to do with the submission.
  3. Submission Audit Summary (LAR) – The report is showing 0's for the agency mean data for 2018 HMDA Loan Purpose codes 31 and 32. This has been resolved in the 19.01 version.
  4. 2018 Agency Mean Data - While reviewing the Agency Mean Data we noticed that one section's enumerations were skewed. The data had mislabeled FFIEC Race and FFIEC Race/Ethnicity. This has been corrected and resent via Auto-Updates. However, if you can't receive auto-updates you will need to go to the support site and re-download and load the new 2018 Agency Mean file.

Here is a list of the new fields added to the Comply 19 version of the peer data:

  • Age Range - Applicant
  • Age Range - Co-Applicant
  • Appraised Value
  • Auto Underwriting System 1
  • Balloon Payment
  • Business Purpose
  • Combined LTV
  • Construction Method
  • Credit Score Model -Applicant
  • Credit Score Model - Co-Applicant
  • Denial Reason 1
  • DTI Range
  • Ethnicity 1 - Applicant
  • Ethnicity 1 - Co-Applicant
  • Ethnicity Visual Observation - Applicant
  • Ethnicity Visual Observation - Co-Applicant
  • Initially Payable to Institution
  • Interest Rate
  • Interest-Only Payments
  • Intro. Rate Period
  • Is Any Applicant American Indian?
  • Is Any Applicant Asian?
  • Is Any Applicant Black?
  • Is Any Applicant Hawaiian?
  • Is Any Applicant Hispanic?
  • Is Any Applicant Male?
  • Is Any Applicant Over 62?
  • Lender Credits
  • Loan Costs
  • Loan Discount
  • Loan Term
  • Manufactured Property Interest
  • Manufactured Property Type
  • Multifamily Affordable Units
  • Negative Amortization
  • Open-End Line of Credit
  • Origination Fee
  • Other Non-Amortizing Features
  • Points & Fees
  • Prepay Penalty Term
  • Race 1 - Applicant
  • Race 1 - Co-Applicant
  • Race Visual Observation - Applicant
  • Race Visual Observation - Co-Applicant
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Sex - Applicant
  • Sex - Co-Applicant
  • Sex Visual Observation - Applicant
  • Sex Visual Observation - Co-Applicant
  • Submission of Application
  • Total Units Range



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