Comply 18.22 Release is Now Available for Download

Added on July 22, 2019

The Comply 18.22 update is now on our support site and available for download. Our last two updates (18.21 and 18.22) contain only edit check changes. Version 18.22 includes the 4 edit changes that were released by the CFPB last week in their July 2019 FIG. The V644.2 and V648.2 edits were updated to allow code 3 for Sex of Applicant or Borrower/Co-Applicant or Co-Borrower Collected on the Basis of Visual Observation or Surname. The V696.2 and V699.1 edits were updated by removing code 17 for the five Automated Underwriting System Results fields. This update is not critical but will ensure that your edits are flagging correctly. If you'd rather wait, rest assured that these changes and much more will be available in our Fall Comply 19.00 submission release. If you are on a version prior…

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Install Issue and Remedy for clients receiving 'Error opening data source'

Added on May 13, 2019

When trying to install or update Comply, some customers have been getting a message "Error opening data source". This can be caused by a missing or corrupted installation of SQL Server Native Client on the user's machine. Prior to Comply v18.2, the Comply installation would use the operating system's version of OLE DB to connect to the database. However, Microsoft has deprecated these database drivers, which don't support later versions of TLS. With most customers disabling TLS 1.0, starting with v18.2 of Comply, the installation was updated to rely on a different database driver. Since these database drivers are no longer part of the operating system, Comply installs will install the SQL Server Native Client files when they are not present on a user's machine. However, there have been a…

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Update 3/1/2019 - Comply 365: Submission Edition

Added on March 1, 2019

New 3/1/2019: Missing LEI in Transmittal Causes Submission Error on Portal - It is very important to ensure that the LEI field is populated in the reporting entity transmittal properties for all HMDA reporting entities that you wish to submit for 2018 and beyond. If you create your submission file without first populating the LEI field, you will receive an error upon upload to the platform stating "In order to access the HMDA Platform, each of your institutions must have a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)", and your submission will be rejected. If you experience this error when uploading your file, you will need to unlock your reporting entity, add your LEI to the properties, and then go through the submission wizard again, selecting the option to reset and recreate. Before uploading…

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BISG Proxy Data Update Available

Added on February 12, 2019

There is a new version of the Surname Probability table that is used for the Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding (BISG) proxy methodology in Comply. We made some minor adjustments to the suppressed values in the table as per instructions in the CFPB proxy methodologies. These updated values can help increase the accuracy of the proxy calculations by less than one percent on average. You will want to update the data at your earliest convenience just to be fully up-to-date and get the best results possible. Updating the Surname table in Comply is a simple System Data import. If you use Auto Updates and the Census Bureau/Social Security Proxy Data option is checked, the new table should download automatically to be applied. This option is not normally on by default. To change it, simply go…

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End of Comply Support for SQL 2008

Added on February 6, 2019

Microsoft is ending support for SQL 2008 and RATA is following suit. Comply 18.1 is the last Comply update that will work with SQL 2008. There are features needed for ongoing development that are only available in SQL 2012 and higher so this move is a necessity. We stopped supporting new installations using SQL 2008 with the release of Comply 17 but we have allowed updates to still use the deprecated version of SQL Server. As far as we know, most, if not all of our clients, have migrated to SQL 2012 or higher. If you are one of the few remaining die-hards, please begin preparations to migrate to a newer SQL Server environment at your earliest convenience. Contact us at (407) 831-7282 if you have any questions or need additional information.


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