RATA Implementing the CRA Modernization

Added on September 18, 2020

The OCC published their Final Rule changes regarding modernization of CRA data collection on May 20th and there were several changes in the ruling that can affect Comply; both in the collection of CRA-reportable data as well as assessment area analysis. While most of the rule changes are a few years away from full implementation, there are some aspects that we are moving forward with now in Comply to gain some momentum. Specifically, the upcoming release of Comply 20.0 will include a geocode attribute that denotes if a geocoded loan or loan application is within a Native Land or Tribal Area. This addition, while in the spirit of the OCC changes, could be of value to CRA reporters of other agencies as well. We are also incorporating a field in the demographic data to facilitate…

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FFIEC Releases 2020 Demographic Data

Added on August 5, 2020

RATA Associates is pleased to announce that the 2020 FFIEC demographic data is now available for all RATA Clients. If you use Auto-Updates to keep your system data up to date, you should see the new data available the next time you log in to Comply. If you don't use Auto-Updates the data will be available on the RATA Support Site to download and import. Comply links the demographics to the geocoding in the system automatically so once you update your system all new reports and views of the data are retroactive for the entire year. For those of you using our QuickPoint Web Service (QPWS) to geocode applications real-time in your LOS systems, you will only receive the new demographics from today forward since they are sent at the time the geocode is assigned. Again, this is only an issue…

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2019 HMDA Peer Data is Available

Added on June 29, 2020

The CFPB has released the 2019 national HMDA peer data as of June 24th. RATA downloaded the data and quickly began formatting it for use in the Comply software. As of today (June 29) the data is ready for release to Comply customers. RATA will not be updating the Peer website with the 2019 data. As we previously announced, we have deprecated the old Peer website and have moved all of the Peer data and analysis functionality into the Comply 19.1 software update. To download the data for use in Comply, simply go to the site and download the 2019 HMDA Peer Data file. Then import the data into Comply using the Import System Data icon on the Home Ribbon. There is a training video to show you how to download and import the data into Comply, and there is also a Peer…

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Comply Version 19.1 Update has been released

Added on May 12, 2020

Now that submission season is officially over and many of you are now analyzing data and starting your 2020 processing, we are happy to announce that a new version of Comply (version 19.1) is now available for download on our support site As usual this version contains some nice enhancements and new functionality as well as fixes to previously reported issues. A full list of enhancements and fixes can be found in our Changes document but here are some of the key new features. Key New Features (in no particular order) Date Expression in the filter designer where you can filter by quarter and month without needing a year so that these filters don't need to be copied each year to use. This is very handy for setting up non-year specific filters of your data and…

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2019 Modified LAR Data Release and Improved Peer-2-Peer in Comply

Added on April 3, 2020

As many of you may have noticed, the 2019 Modified LAR data was released by the CFPB/FFIEC on March 31st. While this information is useful for analyzing individual institution data, there is no transmittal information to help select your peer groups. If you know the name and LEI of one of your peers that you would like to analyze, you can download the individual data and load to a reporting entity in Comply. We have an Import definition that should help you with this.  The National Aggregate Dataset is the data we use to populate the Peer-2-Peer system with all of the reporters' data. This data includes the necessary respondent information in addition to the LAR data itself. We have attempted in the past to utilize this early release of the data, but what we found was that the data…

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