RATA Releases NON-OFFICIAL 2021 HMDA Peer Data

Added on March 29, 2022

As stated in the previous article (below), we have downloaded the individual 2021 Modified LAR data from the CFPB, combined it, reformatted it and merged it with last year's transmittal data for searchability. We have tested to make sure the numbers look reasonable and believe them to be correct for now, but there are normally resubmissions and changes to the "official" data that is usually released by the CFPB in June. This data can be downloaded from the RATA Support Site. Note to RHS Users: There is no action that needs to be taken on your RHS system. The temporary peer data is available in RATA Hosted Services (RHS). Important: There was an increase in the HMDA volume this year and there are now over 26 million applications and the data and will be over 16G added to your Comply…

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FFIEC Releases Timeline for 2022 Census and Demographic Data

Added on March 18, 2022

On March 18th, the FFIEC published an alert regarding the 2022 Census and Demographic Data availability. The alert states that due to various delays, including those related to the ongoing pandemic, the release of the data for CRA and HMDA purposes was not available as planned. It further specifies a rough timeline as to when to expect each piece of the full dataset. The text from the FFIEC alert follows: Due to delays with multiple products from the U.S. Census Bureau, the FFIEC has faced challenges in releasing the 2022 FFIEC Census products. In order to respond to user needs, the FFIEC will release the various FFIEC Census products in a sequential manner as the data become available. Using the Census Redistricting Data released on August 12, 2021, the FFIEC will release a limited flat…

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RATA announces the release of the Year-End Geocode Redo file: Please apply before submitting

Added on February 1, 2022

Thank you as always for using the RATA Comply software and Geocoding services to help with your HMDA and/or CRA submissions. As part of our efforts to ensure that you have the highest quality and most current geocode results for submission, we re-geocode every application that was submitted prior to January 25th to try and improve the precision codes. We go through the file to look for improvements to any geocodes based on the precision codes and then return any improved results in the Year-End (YE) geocode update file. This file should be applied to your Comply system at your earliest convenience to assure that these improved results are a part of your submission. The YE update file will only affect records submitted before January 25, 2022. If you have submitted more geocoding after…

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RATA Associates: Holidays and Staffing

Added on December 23, 2021

RATA Associates would like to wish you and your team a very Happy Holiday Season!  We would also like to let you know that due to the holidays we will have limited staffing.  Our offices will be closed on Friday 12/24/2021 and Friday 12/31/2021.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy 2022.  Because you're so special.. instead of 1 card we just had to send 2! 😊


RATA Ready for 2020 Census Data

Added on December 23, 2021

(Geocoding, Mapping, Demographics and Geographic Areas) In preparation for the 2022 reporting year, we have updated our geocoding systems to return geocodes for 2022 based upon the 2020 Census Tracts, as defined by the Census Bureau. We are fully ready to return the correct tracts as soon as geocoding begins in earnest for the 2022 reporting year. As part of this update, there are several aspects that affect Comply directly as follows: A Demographic Update for the 2022 reporting year has been released. This incorporates the new 2020 Census Tracts, however, there is a caveat to this data. The demographics are not yet available from the FFIEC, so in order to keep reports and other aspects of Comply operating in the familiar fashion, we have copied forward the 2021 demographic data to the…

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