HMDA Data Outreach: Review Data for Invalid Entries in the Street Address Field

Added on April 17, 2023

Update 4/18/2023 A customer reached out to the CFPB HMDA Help and received the following reply: Hello, Thank you for reaching out for clarification! This email went out to several financial institutions that had data flagged when we ran an analysis on the Street Address field. The brief that was attached to the original email describes the types of issues that were discovered. Please use the examples of errors in the brief to review your data and resubmit if needed. We are unable to support an individual file review. Note that there is a chance that the analysis may have flagged data that is accurate resulting in false positives. If you have reviewed your data and found it to be accurate, no action is needed. Thank you, CFPB HMDA   This definition is a short-term solution to help…

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RATA Releases Preliminary 2022 HMDA Peer Data

Added on March 23, 2023

The CFPB has gotten into a pattern of releasing two versions of HMDA peer data. To get the data out quickly, they assemble the submissions and make preliminary public data available around mid March of each year. The release of the final data with full transmittal information usually comes a few months later. As with previous years, we have decided to release a non-official version of the HMDA peer data so that all of you can start doing Peer Analysis on the current data. This release uses the Modified LAR Data from the CFPB, which we have combined and reformatted. This data gives the ability to perform analysis on a preliminary basis until the official national dataset is released later this year (typically in June). We have tested to make sure the numbers look reasonable and believe…

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RATA Submission Support Update

Added on February 28, 2023

The CRA and HMDA 2022 submission deadline is end of business day tomorrow, Wednesday, March 1st ET. Hopefully, you are well past your submission and are recuperating from the cleanup and submission process. If however, you are still deep into preparing your submission and need RATA's assistance, simply send an email to and we will be periodically checking in and responding if possible. If you have a more complex issue, please call first thing in the morning and we'll get you squared away. We will work with you to ensure you get your submission in on time. 


RATA announces the release of the Year-End Geocode Redo file: Please apply before submitting

Added on February 8, 2023

Thank you as always for using the RATA Comply software and Geocoding services to help with your HMDA and/or CRA submissions. As part of our efforts to ensure that you have the highest quality and most current geocode results for submission, we re-geocode every address that was submitted to try and improve the precision codes, then return any improved results in the Year-End (YE) geocode update file. This file should be applied to your Comply system at your earliest convenience to assure that these improved results are a part of your submission. The YE update file will only affect records submitted before January 26, 2023. If you have submitted more geocoding after that date, those records will have already been geocoded using the latest geocode data and will not have to be updated.…

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FFIEC Releases CRA Peer, Performance Evaluation and Market Share Data

Added on December 19, 2022

The CRA Peer, Performance Evaluation, and Market Share data are now available for use in Comply. The 2021 CRA Aggregate and Disclosure data, used for CRA Peer analysis, was released on Thursday, December 15th. This year, like the last couple of years, there was a major delay in the release of this data. This data used to be released within a month or so of the HMDA peer data, which was released on June 22nd. Although it is extremely late from the government, RATA has completed the process of converting the data for use in Comply. The name of this file is PEERCRA21. The peer data always needs to be manually downloaded from the RATA Support Site and imported into Comply, using the Import System Data function, as these files are very large in size. For this reason, we recommend that you only…

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